Sky Euro-performer Soloist Series Antique Guarneri Del Gesu 1742 Model Violin Fiddle

  • This is a Sky Euro-performer Soloist Series Grand Mastero Level Antique Guarneri Del Gesu 1742 Model Violin.
  • The violin is made with all hand carved aged spruce on top, and selected maple wood for the rest of it.
  • All high quality wood which has been dried for 30 years+ under suitable conditions. This violin is 100% hand made by our master-level violin maker with great care and attention.
  • Antiqued Brown and 100% hand oil varnished. The back arching is well executed and the carving clean and accurate. The strings are properly spaced, and the neck is very comfortable.
  • This violin has rich powerful and deep sound, excellent projection and great sensations while playing. Beautiful warm resonant tone, with clear harmonics.
  • Well balanced violin on all strings. This violin can be played aggressively without feeling sluggish, or softly for a sweet mellow tone.

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