Orphee Hexagonal Steel Core Electric Guitar String

Orphee QE Series Hexagonal Steel Core Electric Guitar Strings

  • Durable and shiny strings bring great performance.
  • Loud tune and comfortable hand feeling.
  • Special anti-stain film surface finishing, longer service life.
  • Tailed string end design.
  • Inner Material: Hexagonal Carbon Steel

Gauges (3 option) 

  • QE23 (Extra Light) : E/008/0.20; B/010/0.25; G/015/0.38;D/021/0.53; A/030/0.76; E/038/0.97
  • QE25 (Light) : E/009/0.23; B/011/0.28; G/016/0.41;D/024/0.61; A/032/0.81; E/042/1.07
  • QE29 (Medium) : E/011/0.28; B/014/0.35; G/018/0.45;D/026/0.66; A/036/0.91; E/050/1.27

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