Orphee 75/25 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar String

Orphee 75/25 Phosphor Bronze Guitar Strings

  •  High-carbon steel hexagonal alloy inside material.
  • Adopt 75% bronze and 25% phosphor outside material.
  • Strong tightness offering excellent resonates, medium tension.
  • Strings arounded in 6 circles placed in a plastic bag.
  • Good feeling, high glossiness, full tone.
  • For primary guitar players and professional performance.
    • TX620: E/010/0.25; B/014/0.36; G/023/0.58;D/030/0.76; A/0.39/0.99; E/047/1.20
    • TX630: E/011/0.28; B/015/0.38; G/024/0.61;D/032/0.81; A/0.42/1.07; E/052/1.32
    • TX640: E/012/0.30; B/016/0.41; G/024/0.61;D/032/0.81; A/0.42/1.07; E/053/1.34

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